Let’s Speak English #38!

On the flip side, I had a brief crush on a coworker that turned out to be in his mid 40s.

My Japanese professor once asked me how old I thought she was.

My guess was 29.

After making a show of flattered laughter, she said she was in her forties.

In conclusion:

Album Art




A Cruel Angel’s Thesis a cappella

I think I just had a religious experience


In case it cuts off when you play it in Tumblr, here it is on Youtube.

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"I’m goin’ to give you the hidin’ our Mam never gave you, Lily Weatherwax. […] And not because you was the bad one. Not because you meddled with stories. Everyone has a path they got to tread. But because, and I wants you to understand this prop’ly, after you went I had to be the good one. You had all the fun. An’ there’s no way I can make you pay for that, Lily, but I’m surely goin’ to give it a try."

The Weatherwax-Bei Fong comparison is of course not exact — Lin is no Esme, and Su Yin is no Lily. But as inexact as the equation may be, it was still just close enough to give me pause.

I don’t recall another piece of character development quite like it elsewhere in American cartoons.


Drinking contest at the Skyhold dining hall~

Continuation from the last panel of this thingie :3

My reaction would be Vivienne’s.

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well one of us is going to have to go home and change

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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


It’s not even August.

Please don’t let Halloween Creep be a thing.

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